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'Couldn't wait to feel grown up', a story from Slovakia

It was back in the 90s when I was a teenager. Back then there was no internet and we would get all the information related to menstruation from our mums, older sisters, girlfriends, TV commercials and teen mags.

I remember I actually couldn’t wait to get my first period – one reason was that I got it later than most of my girlfriends and every time I saw a commercial on TV for pads or tampons I was super curious to know what it would feel like.

My Mum was quite open about it too, I remember we had several conversations about menstruation before I got it so I was well prepared.  My first bleedings were brown, weak and irregular and it took many years for my cycle to get what it feels like normal. I had to learn how to get to know my body well and listen to its cues and adjust my lifestyle to function well even when having my period.

I have few memories from high school when me and other girls would complain about having “the bombastic days” as we called it and while we acted like it was a nuisance to our lives inside we were actually feeling proud and hoping to look like grown up women.

Back then no one was really giving any attention to the fact that we are using single use products and the market started being very rich and competitive in production of super safe pads with all sorts of wings and tampons promising no “accidents”, safe swimming in the pool etc. Having reusable period pants available these days is a total game changer. It not only feels better and more comfortable, it is without doubt way better for the environment and our purse and I am looking forward to introducing my daughter to womanhood with the access to sustainable products.



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