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Our Story, Our Values, Our Vision

The average Australian menstruator uses up to 12,000 disposable pads, liners and tampons in their lifetime. Each one of these pads can take 500 or more years to break down in landfill. Many end up incorrectly flushed down toilets, blocking pipes or making it into waterways. 

Single use pads and tampons are also made mostly of plastic, feel unnatural against the skin and provide little sense of confidence and wellbeing, especially in the early years of menstruation.

EMREN is part of a movement to change the story. 

We want to make first periods simple for parents and carers and empowering, assured and a little luxurious for the young menstruators in their lives.


EMREN has worked hard to make our period pants feel luxurious for young menstruators and feel like a simple, smooth adjustment into periods.

Australian Super Cotton is the longest, finest, softest and strongest threads of upland cotton in the world. Premium cotton that is plush, durable and dries quickly.

They are designed to suit a moderate/average flow body and should be changed when they are no longer wicking into the gusset. For young menstruators a wider gusset gives greater confidence, so we have a full bodied underwear design with tall front and back absorbent zones.

EMREN has minimized use of new synthetic materials when possible, seeking recycled polyester for our waterproofing and wicking qualities and recycled satin for our garment tags. Our next big challange is to replicate our waistband in recycled or plant based material!

Aussie as can be

EMREN is Australian owned, Australian made and we use Australian grown and milled cotton as the body material of our period pants.

Our cotton is grown in St George, QLD and our garments are designed and made in Melbourne, VIC. Our Melbourne manufacturer is registered under Ethical Clothing Australia.

We are committed to supporting local businesses and their workers.

We choose Cotton as our brief base as we want to use an Australian grown and made material. Buying local helps us be transparent and certain about how our fibres are made.

Our Values


beautiful fabric, a sense of luxury

high front and back gusset for sense of security

soft, silky, stretchy waistband for comfort


confidence the product works and is built to last by using a highly skilled production team that works with us from design to production


to community in supporting local and promoting menstrual hygiene pride and equality and to the natural environment by reducing our waste streams and improving business sustainability


to learn, to do better, to be honest and transparent in all areas of our business and production

Why did we choose underwear not cups or cloth pads?

EMREN chose to create a line of period pants as our vision is to provide a simple and smooth transition into menstrual hygiene products for young menstruators beginning their period journeys.

Pads can scrunch, pads move around, pads require positioning. Cups can be very intimidating and uncomfortable for young people to insert. They are a challenge on their own even when you have years of menstrual experience.

Pads and cups have a very important place in reusable hygiene product uptake, we use them ourselves, however we believe period pants are the most suitable start point for young women in early years of menstruation.

Period Pants can be worn carefree leading into period days, when young menstruators are still tracking and learning their bodies flow.

Period pants can be discreet if desired as they look like everyday underwear. They also do not require sanitizing or special cleaning methods. The adjustment to menstrual hygiene is smooth while young menstruators adjust to hormonal and other bodily changes.