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Upcycle 4 Better

We've been looking for a solution to extend the life of EMREN period pants when they can no longer be reused reliably for menstruation. 

This is challenging as for health and hygiene reasons many textile recyclers will not accept pre-loved underwear of any kind. 

Partnering with Upcycle 4 Better, EMREN can move into circularity and extended material life - and we want to reward you for being a part of it!

We admit, this is not a local solution, but it’s the best solution for right now. We will continue to advocate for more accessible Australian textile recycling plants to be established. 

About Upcycle 4 Better

Simply put, Upcycle 4 Better wants to reduce textile waste.

Upcycle 4 Better is a people-oriented brand whose activities span across several countries in Asia-Pacific. Founded by an Australian residing in Malaysia, Upcycle 4 Better has become a trusted partner for textile recovery activities among corporates, councils, schools, brands and communities.

Mission - To recover the most unwanted textiles to divert them from landfill, and find their highest value application through a network of retailers, recyclers, government agencies and communities.

Vision - When the word waste will no longer be in our terminology, and all products will be designed for circularity. Upcycle 4 Better envisions a global network where the Global North includes the Global South in its development towards a fair and inclusive circular economy.

What happens to your textiles?

Upcycle 4 Better's facility is in Malaysia and is ISO 14001:2015 accredited, yearly audited, the only facility of its kind in Malaysia. The factory provides a transparent solution for unwanted textiles, supporting educational and activity-focused grassroots groups across the country and their neighbours in Singapore. The factory holds a full-time team dedicated to repairing and renewing items that are almost perfect for reuse, to extend their lives and delay their end of life. Another team manages redesign of products from clients who wish to transform unwanted textiles.

Impressively, the facility sorts into +500 categories determined by their composition, material quality and integrity, and decommissioning complexity. After reuse, the most sustainable avenue for extending material life, the recycling options range from handcrafting surfaces, mechanical recycling, rubber and various playground surfaces, industrial wipes, and waste to energy (do not advocate for as a recycling solution but as a means to reduce waste as a last resort for the non-processable materials).

RETHINK, reduce, rewear, renew and recycle your textile 'waste' today

What can be recycled?

When you've repaired, passed on or reused as much as you can, Upcycle 4 Better is ready - do not send to landfill!

- Clothing - PERIOD PANTS, shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, accessories (i.e. hats, belts, scarfs)

- Home Textiles - pillow slips, tea towels, blankets etc

- Soft Toys - very loved and near new

Be Rewarded by EMREN

We want to encourage and reward customers taking responsibility for their textile resources! Thank-you for joining the movement! We will offer all textile recyclers a 10% discount on any EMREN THE LABEL period pants.

Option 1 - post your textiles to us

Option 2 - locals (South Melbourne) can deliver to EMREN residential address

Please contact us at to organise and redeem your discount code