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Why is there only one absorbency option?

First periods and those in early menstruation years can last 2-7 days and are more often light to moderate flow.

Our period pants are designed to hold moderate flow levels which is 15ml or up to three regular tampons to ensure all young menstruators remain comfortable and confident, no guesswork on your flow levels needed!

We don't believe anyone would want to wear period underwear for a full 24 hours during the heaviest part of menses (even if they are marketed this way!).

We recommend to keep fresh and feeling confident that period pants are changed every 12 hours as a minimum or when you start to feel moisture is no longer being wicked away from your body.

How long can I wear each pair for? How many pairs do I need for my cycle?

We recommend changing your period pants every 12 hours as a minimum (one for day and one for night) or as soon as moisture feels like it is not being wicked away from your vulva.

All flow days and bodies are different so you will need to see what works and feels right for you.

In the early days of menstruating it can be hard to track and know when your period will start, EMREN THE LABEL period pants are so comfortable and beautiful, you can wear them any time you need a little confidence or cover on those ‘just in case’ days.

With all this in mind, we recommend a minimum of 5 pairs of EMREN period pants to cover your cycle - washing after the first 1 or 2 days of wear to use over the second half of your period.

How to wash my EMREN period pants?

Period Pants are actually pretty simple to wash! See our full guide here.

Rinse until Clear when possible removing - in the shower, sink, a bucket

Cold or warm wash in delicates bag with like colours

No Fabric Softener or Bleach to maximize absorbency and save the fibres

Hang to Dry inside out sun keeps fresh

How long will they last?

With correct care, Period Pants will last as long as everyday underwear. This means 2-3 years on a monthly cycle.

Will I feel wet, will they smell?

You will feel wet when your period first hits the period pants and then the moisture will wick into the inner layers. It will not feel like a pool in your pants!

If your flow is heavy and the period pants have filled and feel wet, it's a sign to change into a fresh pair.

No you will not smell any more than a normal pair of underwear so long as you change when needed and wash correctly.

We have never smelt someone else's period in a pad - have you?

Why do EMREN THE LABEL period pants cost more than some others on the market?

You may come to our page and wonder why our period pants are priced higher than others on the market.

As we believe in transparency and want to promote an understanding of what ethical manufacturing really costs, we have written a short blog about it here!

SO the question should actually be, why are other brands so cheap?

Is it worth the investment when I can buy cheaper disposable products that do the same job?

Disposables cost about $300 over 3 years timeline, depending on on your preferred product and flow.

Buying enough EMREN period pants for 3 years of use will cost about $350 in comparison (7 pairs).

So, the initial investment may feel a little scary but is comparable in the long term.

HUGE added bonus of supporting Aussie owned and made, plus massively reducing plastic in landfill and having soft natural fibres against your vulva.

So why choose EMREN THE LABEL over other brands?

Aussie Made, Aussie Owned, Aussie Cotton.

Transparency and Honesty


Ethical and sustainable business (we go beyond being 'reusable')