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Real People, Real Costs

You may come to our page and wonder why our period pants are priced higher than others on the market. 

The key reason is supporting Australian businesses and ethical manufacturing or fair wages.

If you don’t pay for it someone else will - unfairly. The cost for cheap and mass produced fashion must be paid somewhere.

Supporting Australian Cotton farmers, the Australian manufacturing industry and employing local highly skilled people to cut and sew quality garments comes at a price. 

Due to the higher production costs, our profits are lower than most other brands, a trade off we feel is worthwhile in order to uphold our business and personal values and ethics. 

We didn't start EMREN to make a lot of money, we started it to provide a local, quality option for period pants to support youth in their early menstruation years.

We have approximate breakdown of the costs for you. Told you we were honest!

Fabric and Trims $10

Labour $25-30

Then there are extras like marketing, design and sampling etc...

As you can see, using a local, ethical and high quality manufacturer already outstrips the retail price of many period pants you find on the market. Begs a lot of questions, doesn't it?

We fully appreciate the investment you are making in us, our community and responsible business.



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