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Wash & Take Care



Rinse until clear soon after wearing - in the shower (wash them as it warms up to save water), the sink or a bucket. You do not have to immediately rinse just as soon as practical!

Do not soak. This will not remove blood and secretions from the gusset. Squeezing the gusset is much more effective. 

Toss straight in the wash with similar fabrics and colours or leave until your next load is ready.


Cold or less than 30℃ machine wash.

Hot washing causes the blood and uterine lining to ‘set’ on fabric, causing fabric stiffness and loss of absorption. Shrinkage will also occur at greater than 30℃.

Do not use fabric softeners as they impact absorbency.

Do not bleach - will remove colour and break fibres down faster.

Using a delicates wash bag is not essential but it will extend the life of your period pants and protect them from tears or stretching.


Dry inside out in the sun in winter and in the shade in summer.

Sunshine is antimicrobial and will help keep them fresh but it will also degrade the elasticity over time and cause fabric fade so best to avoid high-extreme UV days.

With the extra layers they will take longer to dry than your usual underwear. Allow 12-24 hours in summer, 24-36 hours winter sun.

It is important to allow period pants to dry completely to ensure they are fresh for next use.

Do not tumble dry as the materials may lose shape and waterproofing materials may be compromised. 

If you need to speed up the drying, particularly in winter, press a clean dry towel into the gusset to remove as much moisture as possible before hanging to dry.


EMREN sought a highly experienced design and manufacturing company to create a quality garment with seams and fabric built to last 2-3 years or longer with proper care.

EMREN is not about new patterns or updating your period pant wardrobe every 6 months to get the latest cute colour. We are about making and providing a superior product that will provide confidence and period cover for as long as possible. 

Some extra steps you can take to extend the lifespan of EMREN period pants are;

  • Rinse as soon as possible after wearing
  • Dry flat
  • Store them where they can breathe - in your underwear drawer is fine no special bags needed
  • Do not be tempted to ‘scrub’ the gusset. A long machine wash should sort any uterine lining out.
  • Never wring them dry, press or stamp out moisture if necessary 
  • Wash with similar fabrics
  • Do not iron