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The Wonder and Letdowns of Period Pants

Why are Period Pants Wonderful?

  • They are reusable and have minimal environmental impact compared to disposable alternatives
  • They can hold a couple of tampons full of blood
  • The fuller briefs are great for overnight protection
  • You can opt for different styles and absorbency levels
  • New menstruators can ease into period life (no positioning required!)
  • They don’t scrunch or move around like pads
  • No shuffling noise when you move like pads
  • More breathable as usually made of natural or wicking fabrics
  • The cost is comparable if not cheaper than disposable products
  • You don't have to remember to buy them every month!
  • They feel nicer against your skin and wont pull on your pubic hair!
  • They are a comfortable back-up for other period products that may leak

So what are the let downs of Period Pants?

  • The 24-48 hour drying time (in winter)
  • Initial investment feels steep when you can't try them on and ‘test’ first
  • They're not as environmentally friendly as a menstrual cup (if that is an option for you)
  • They need to be rinsed soon after wearing, which can be challenge with no access to clean water 
  • You need a wash bag to carry dirty ones and need to take off jeans to change them (but not if you find one that matches your flow volumes and covers the time you are out of the house)

There you have it! Comment if you have some more pros or cons you have found in using period pants!

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