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What determines the period product you use?

There are just SO many reasons or feelings that determine someone's choice of menstrual products. No one needs to justify their choices when it comes to our own bodies. 

We need to recognise that having a choice is a privilege in itself, though it should certainly be a right, this isn't a reality. 

Experiences or influences that may affect a menstruators period product use;

  • Access to information, education 
  • Access to funds to make investments into reusables
  • Availability in shops - particularly rural areas
  • Cultural stigma or expectations
  • Discomfort
  • Body shape
  • Disability 
  • Lack of confidence in period products
  • Allergies to materials
  • Following others in family unit
  • Peer pressure
  • How many periods experienced
  • Heavy or light menses
  • Sexual experiences and interests
  • Injury
  • Medical conditions short term or chronic
  • Assault
  • Supporting ethical businesses
  • Liking patterns and colours available
  • A sale was on

The list goes on…

My own choices and reasons have shifted over time. I started with pads as they had less 'ick' factor than tampons and I knew nothing of reusable period products (didn't know they even existed until many many years later). 

I moved onto tampons as I became more confident and comfortable with my body and wanted to do things like swim squad, be a lifeguard and so on.

Then my period disappeared for 6 years! I had PCOS and I have to say I didn't suffer so I wasn't too upset about the lack of bleeding during this time.

Then boom, out of no where my period returns and becomes immediately regular like clockwork - weird huh.

As a low waste advocate I panicked and ordered quickly some period underwear and a cup without researching too much.

The period underwear was thin and poorly made with scrunch bits so I have gathered from other brands and use these as back ups now.

Now the cup...hmmm... it is amazingly simple and comfortable once in. I love it for that. But after 6 months I still leak, I still 'lose' it up in there on a regular basis and am unable to grasp it with all the bodily fluids lubricating the thing. It always shifts eventually into an easier prying position. 

If I could have a chat to my pre-period self now I'd give the following advice..

Go and get some high quality period pants that you love and feel good in. Even if you use a cup there will be light flow days, not sure if its coming days and leaky days.

Buy a cup because its worth it but you will need practice. Buy one with better grips or a loop to take it out as your body tends to try and eat it up.

You are allowed to test your options, change your mind and change it back. Do what works for each day, each month and each year of your life.


Let's support each other's choices and our own.


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