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Will reusable period products save you money?

The initial investment into reusable period products can feel a little daunting and leave many menstruators wondering if it is really worth it financially. There is such a huge price range and so many to choose from that adds difficulty in weighing the costs.

Reputable Period Underwear prices have a pretty wide price range anywhere from $20-$60. Should last 2-3 years with proper care. This is based on 1-2 uses per cycle.

Menstrual cups can be $30-$75. Silicone cups have claims up to 10 years of use. This really comes down to how much it is used and how it's stored and cleaned. Many reviews suggest this timeline is closer to 3-5 years before deterioration can occur.

Reusable Pads $10-$30. Will last 2-5 years.

So let’s go for a mid range price of reusables and see if using reusable period products will save you money long term.

Based on needing 16 pads or 7 period pants per cycle and them lasting at least 2 years:

Disposables: $8 (16 pack) x 24 = $192 

Reusables: $30 x 7 = $210

If the period pants make it to 3 years… $288 vs $210

Based on needing 16 tampons per cycle and the menstrual cup lasting at least 3 years:

Disposables: $6 (16 regular pack) x 36 = $216

Reusable Cup: $50 one off (and there is a good chance this will last another 3 years after that!)

Based on needing 16 pads per cycle and the reusable pads lasting an average of 3 years:

Disposables: $8 (16 pack) x 36 = $288

Reusables: $30 x 16 = $240


So yes, it is pretty clear, even if you throw in some costs for water use in rinsing your reusables before washing with everyday load, reusables are comparable if not cheaper than disposable period products.

The menstrual cup is always going to save the most money and have the biggest positive environmental impact as it lasts the longest and is a small amount of material to dispose of at the end of use.

For many though, pads and period pants are the most comfortable choice, especially in the early years of menstruation, as a smooth transition into period life. They are also a preferred option for many cultures who choose no insertion sanitary products.

Either way, there are other savings too - like limiting your landfill contributions, no plastic packaging, no frantic trips to the shops and more comfortable materials to choose from!

Rest easy on your period knowing you are saving money and the planet, all whilst enjoying a more comfortable cycle.


For another study check out Choice who found the following:

 "Although they require a greater outlay of cash initially, we estimate switching from single-use products to period undies worn day and night will save you a little over $100 every five years (if you replace your underwear every three years). 

These costs were calculated based on buying six pairs of period underwear. You could buy fewer pairs if you were willing to wash and re-wear them more frequently during your period. 

...switching to a period cup. We estimate it'll save you $284 to $449.60 over the next five years"



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